A Nation On Fire

Joe Biden declared war on 70% – 80% of America. We lost our freedom on November 3rd 2020.

Now that the MAGA Republicans are officially public enemy number one, we have nothing to loose by taking to the streets and bashing heads.

But Dems don’t look that far ahead.

We on the Right saw flags regarding Joe (Let’s Fuck Up America) Biden from the first time he ran for Congress.

We knew in 1974 back in the days of Biden’s rookie year as a Congress-man, that this man would never do any good for America. His admin has proven their worthlessness: infact Biden seems to take great pride in threatening and provoking Patriots with everything he says and does.

This nation is on fire by design and those who love freedom have to stand up against the Establishment and vote in term limits. There should be a mandatory minimum IQ of at least 180. That would clearly disqualifies Biden, Obama, both Clintons, from running the country.

There should be a quarterly performance evaluation that are run by the voters and anything lower than 98% prompts a election to replace the corrupted officials. With every new election every ranking member of the unelected bureaucracy must be removed from their post never to be allowed to run for any office. But this is probably only ever going to happen in my mind.

Join me on Fundrise. We must reclaim our economy from the Global Elite Liberal Scum, who wish to put us all in chains. Fundrise can hedge off our captivity for a time.

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