This Latest Podcast has a lot to talk about but the biggist thing was why the FBI became the Dem’s Enforcers? The Production Notes has our source information about this toppic.

On the home front I have to pull away from Green Dot Bank becouse inpite of my having the money I can’t pay my bills. Also after 3 weeks the crystalyne anthromorph has mattured.

This glass is holding an experimental explosive that burns as hot as Thermite but the yeild of RDX. We are preparing for war againg the Globalists.

The next step is to grind the crystals and reform then with Amodium Nitrate. The funny thing is Libs think we would be using pipebombs. No this is going into a Javeline Micile. Fuck You Joe Biden! this is what happens when you try to take the freedom of an merican Citizen!

This is the Podcast to unite the common man to fight for the cause of Freedom.

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