Have You Ever Wondered Why The Left Doesn’t Show Footage Of January 6th Inside The Capital?

We know the Left are a bunch of ideots, but now they give use proof.

With the constant abuces of power and irresponible spending the Dems are loosing their foot hold on America.

Patriots from all over the world are started to join the fight to preserve individual freedoms that have been given to us by our creator. This episode of “Patriots Must Rise,” is rather personal to me because I talk about my own personal strugles.

It is my belief that because the Left is weaponizing Law Enforcement against their opposition, we are in the first stages of a civil war. But tis is much more that a civile war on the home front, the same strugles are being faced internationally.

On a more relevant note, I have sold the land in Oklahoma. The reason behind it is to invest the proceeds to increase our monthly Income.

With the Scum in office destroying the value of the USD, Patriots Must prepare for the future.

I can now buy, save, spend and share real GOLD digitally! You can install the Glint app..
With Glint, I can use gold just like money, even at the checkout. It’s really easy and completely safe, and while I’m spending with my Glint card, the value of gold is increasing – not like regular money. It’s a no brainer! You should definitely try this for yourself!

We must always remember that freedom is secured by knowledge and given to us by God not by any government.

In this episode of “Patriots Must Rise,” we talk about the treason of the Left. We talk about FBI corruption and much more.

To insure our freedom is protected the government must always fear the population. They are banning guns so we must improvise. The Rail or Coil Gun is the next generation of assault weapon.

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