Let’s Talk About Renewal Of Resources.

We must always remember that the one who created all things, created the universe with certain rules. Those who choose to ignore these rules tend to get hurt for breaking God’s highest command.

What goes up, must come down.

Sir Issack Nueton

Because in the eyes of God, all Men are created equal and endowed with certain uninalianable RIGHTs; these being, #Life, #Liberty, and the #Persuit of (an indevidual’s) Happiness.

The Left chooses to ignore laws and rules that are inconveinient to the at the time. But like Nuetons law, when a men sends hie seed up into the woman, it is by God’s design that a life will come down as a equal and opposite reaction to his act. Sex was never meant to be entertainment.

If a woman chooses to bed a man that is not her husband the consequence by God’s design is a life for a life. But the Left doesn’t like the bibical inturpritaton that says the Woman should be stoned to death. rather the whore gets a get out of jail free card AKA abortion. The whore murders an inocent to save her life. No one can be more selfish.

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