What Will Life look Like For My Next 50 Years.

What do these names all have in common? Bush, Bush, Carter, Clinton, Obama, Biden, are all form Presidents that had proven how incompident they are while in the Whitehouse. Now what do these names have in common? Trump, Regan, are also Presidents in my lifetime. But these two did what they set out to do and supported Christian values and unles the other they put America FIRST! What  is to come next as I start across the half centry mark? Well you want yo hear God laugh, tell him your plans. But all of the images below happen after our freedom was stolen by the Democrats only 2 years ago.

The Democrats Don’t Seem To Realize This Simple Truth:

Guns like this one where only built after the insurrection of  11/03/2020. I would rather use explosives and poisoned blades but to go up against the Secret Service who has chosen to protect to man who has shit on the Constitution at every turn you need firearms to brige the time grap that happens in-between placing the bomb and cutting a throat.

We must always remember that the only reason government exists is because the people have not stood up for themselves. What scares Democrats about January 6th 2021 is the physical reminder that they only have power because we haven’t killed them yet.

Now I feel that I should put this in.

In the meantime, I want to talk about Biden’s food shortage and how many of us are hacking the system to keep food on the table. I use Amazon Fresh.

By taking advantage of Amazon’s world famous legistics network, I can order food brought to my door that amazingly fresh.

For years I have been saying that knowledge is freedom. In this busy ratrace none of us have time to sit and read. So I use Audiobooks that I can listen too while I am still working. I use Audible for access to amazing clasics as well as podcasts.

But what is the next 50 years going to look like? Well if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans. But I am parelized in my Left arm now just like half of the country.. So much of my plans are changing, as shold yours. Never give an inch to Tyranny but rather make sure that they loose as much if not more than they are trying to take. Be kind to your Neighbor less he is a Democrat than go an steel everything he has and blame it on Racism.


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