Let’s Talk About Human Perception

What is Wrong with These Pictures?

Both of these Images a re e rendered. They have just enough truth in them the they look real at first glance.

But you are drawn to look at them because something is off and you have to figure it out. But if enough people tell you that they know the image is real because they were there when the picture was taken, you may start to stop questioning its authentic origins.

In politics we call this Gas Liting. Gas Lighting is the practice of manufacturing your own reality. 

Just like the 2 images above the lie is coupled with just enough truth to pull the Mark in and keep him or more than likely her into the narative. But it only works if the Mark can’t have access to the entire story. I hope you understand why having knowlege of Gas Lighting is important to the surival of every Patriot out there.

Joe (Let’s Fuck Up America) Biden came into Portland yesterday.  He blocked off the streets for hours and made a tottal public nucince of himself.
In case the player doesn’t work you can go to https://anchor.fm/anatole-anatoliciva/episodes/Not-Everything-Is-As-It-Seems-e1p9f9r : to hear this episode.

One sign that we have hope for America is that prominate Democrats are starting to leave the party of Hate. Tulsi Gabbard, who ran on the traitor’s ticket for President in 2016, has anonced that she is leaving the Democrats in favor of America.

Now I don’t put too much stock in this news yets because the Dems have ran the King’s gambit in the past.

As stupi as the Elite Dems act we must never underestemate the power lust and coruption that is the American Chinese Comunist Party (the Democrat party).


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