Has The Tide Turned?

What’s New?

I have started to write a Novel. The idea is my prediction of what America will look like 36 years from now if we as conservatives don’t take back control.

The Libs Don’t Know Us.

A hidden camera backfires on the Left. If you have not noticed the Dems campain without a platform. All of their ads are mud slinging against their oponant, but they never talk about what their plan for there office if elected.

Fundrise is not the answer to all of your financial problems but it can protect you money from lose of value, while America has lost her way.

Join me on Fundrise:

We thank you for your support.

I can now buy, save, spend and share real GOLD digitally! You can install the Glint App here:


With Glint, I can use gold just like money, even at the checkout. It’s really easy and completely safe, and while I’m spending with my Glint card, the value of gold is increasing – not like regular money. It’s a no brainer! You should definitely try this for yourself! Patriot Survival doesn’t get any financial kickback for our  recommendation of Glint. We are doing this because we need to stop paying taxes and Gold is not tracked. Once you have a minimum of 10 grams, you can ask Glint to send you a bar. We need to starve the Libs of the taxes that keep them going. So was need to start doing business with only tangible assets. Let’s make the Libs starve!


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