Happy MAGA day

The fact that 2 years later people who don’t support the Democrat’s lie that the 2020 General Election was the most secure in American history, are being thought of as treasonous, says values about the lacy of Joe Biden’s legitimately being elected.

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The COVID-19 Vaccine Has Some Dark Side Effects.

This Video when Viral but it was taken out of context.

We stole a vile of the Pfizer MRNA vaccine for Coronavirus 2019. Posing as HVAC Repair my partner and I injected the vaccine into meat at a near by restaurant. We did this to test a theory.

We scanned the vile with an RF device and matched the frequency and wrote an app. To try to interface with it.

The video now in context should speak for it’s self.

One of the reasons that most conservative Patriots never trusted the Vaccine was because the same people who made a mockery of American Democracy by stealing the 2020 General election and installing the most incompetent leaders possible into the Whitehouse.

At the time nobody came to answer the call too justice. So Patriots from all over the country came to Washington DC to make their voices heard. But that offended the Elect or scared them because they got caught and so many people at there door scared them.

These People should be honored as the heroes they are. So please join the fight. Please this coming January 6th let’s go to our own state capitols and hold it hostage for the day with Music, Food, Fireworks, and Patriots Speakers.

I believe that we should do this to remind the elect that in America the capitals are owned by the Taxpayers and the Elect work for us.

Also the political prisoners that are in prison for breaking no laws on January 6th, 2021, don’t deserve to be locked up. I think we need to do this to try and get them free. We should also demand justice for the death of Ashley Babbitt. Let’s call it MAGA Day.


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