We Can’t Let Them Win, Ever Again!

I talk about Fundrise, alot on our Podcast. Yes they are our sponsor and I a proud to say that they are, but I dom’t  endorse a product that I would not use myself. I enjoy the daily dividen being reinvested in my account. I learn more about investing by reading their articles that are displayed on their home screen. But what I like most about Fundrise and other programs like them is you are investing in a tangibile  asset you are given the physical adress of the property that you own a part of, so you and reserch it on your own.

Unlike Crypto that is just made up numbers in a computer Land has value. But everything is effected by the selfdestructive behavior of the Left.

I started to break away from fundrise when I found Landa because of their crooked business practises. Here is what I mean.

When I was new to fundrise I was impressed that I was making a $0.01 dividen daily for my $10.00 investment. but over $619.00 later and I was still getting paid $0.01 every day. With the 0.10% modle that was $0.01 for every $10.00 being paid daily. That should have been $185.70 a month and 30 days later it should be $371.40 with it reinvesting into its self. And yes I did double check the math. This was why I started invest with them in the first place. Also they only payout quarterly, so even if you close your account they hold on to your money until they see fit to pay back the money.

Atlas is a real time virtual real-estate game that you can earn real world money with. You will never get rich but you learn more about investing which is why I keep it on my phone.

For me education is far more important than income. Some of the most retarded people in the world have large incomes but if they lost it they would not be able to survive. Witch is why the Left wants our kids in public schools that never teach about how to manage money.

Landa is an app that I found that gives you a chance to invest in rental properties and share in a portion of the rent. Unlike Fundrise that limits your dividend Landa let’s you grow your wealth and income potential.

After I get the rent payment from Landa,

I can now buy, save, spend and share real GOLD digitally! You can install the Glint App here:


With Glint, I can use gold just like money, even at the checkout. It’s really easy and completely safe, and while I’m spending with my Glint card, the value of gold is increasing – not like regular money. It’s a no brainer! You should definitely try this for yourself!

I do not get a kick back from Glint to talk about them. I think it is important to share it with you, because as Patriots we have a duty to restore the republic and that starts with tax evasion!

Groundfloor is the least reliable of all of the realestate investing programs I have tried. The reason being you don’t know when or if the loans will be paid back. You don’t own anything you are just a lender.

With Fundrise you can’t withdrawal once a quarter. However you can set you dividend to go to your bank.

Like the cartoon implies, the Left has been printing money to buy your votes to further their agenda. Printing money without having the goods to back it up devalues oue currency.

So for a long time, I have been telling the people who read this blog as listen to our podcast, that they need to invest in tangible assets.

But there is an enherant problem when you are trying to move a tangible asset. That promblem is you have to have a buyer to liqudate the asset. That is where Gint comes in.

Scummy Democrat admitted to cheating in his election.

With Ground floor you do have control over there risk by choosing to invest in anywhere from an “A” – “G” rated credit score. The lower the rating “G” being the lowest, the higher the return. But Ground Floor has it’s down side. The funds can only be paid back to you once the loan is paid back.

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