Our Podcast Is Gaining Traction

Just like anything in life, Gaining recognition for what you do is rare. Podcasting is no diffrent in that reguard. But when it was anonced that my Nilon Pollycoat was awarded Patriot Survial’s first Patton. things started moing fast.

Now our gun parts are much lighter and strong than Alluminum. they are all made by hand and here in America.

But cleaning up a raw part is done by hand with files.

The same gose for our new line of Shelters , everything is done by hand. On top of that I still work full time as a Temperay worker in a factory.: in short there is not must time to grow out listener base for “Patriots Must Rise”. As a result the brand has been stagnate. That is until last week. when out Irish listener base grew to 14k.

Most of the time I am making the trek to my job at the factory while I am recording the Podcast and there has been positive feedback from our listeners as a reult. One comment reads, ” I love that your host is struggling like the rest of us but has no problem talking about his struggles with the rest of us. When he lost the use of his hand he just created new jobs for himself and his struggle became real to us.”

Many other listeners like the fact that I talk about science in real world terms and like to debunk Left wing Propaganda Science with fact. Also the Listeners like that We record our failed projects as well as our successes to use as opprtunities to teach. For exsample the build plate slipped while printing the handle in the picture. making the part useless. not much of a set back. But freedom can only be achieved by aquiring knowlege so we teach.

Please Like & Subscribe and check out our podcast, “Prtriots Must Rise.”


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