Our Semi Permanent Emergency Shelter.

I can render one brick every 72 hours.  The size of the structure is directly proportionate to how many bricks you have to stack.

I have not figured out cost yet but let my tell you about a floor plan that I came up with.

That’s right a floor plan. You see for all practical purposes these are primitive homes that can be put up and taken down in a day. Much like a yurt but much more durable.

Right now I am working on a design for the roof system. Everything takes time because one does the style of structure so I am working from scratch.

This is a printable roofing panel.

We are pround to say that the plastic ued in this and all of our projects is 100% reclaimed and recycled. There is not a woke company in America or the world that can honestly make that claim.

Each  part is produced and packaged by hand by American Disabled Vets and or physicaly and mentally chalanged Americans. This project is build homes for the homeless, in many casses by homeless. No politicain can say they have done more. Patriot Survival North West currently employs 13 formerly homeless disabled Americans. This is made posible in a large part, thank to Express Eployment Professionals continueing to give work to me so my personal resources  can go back into the community.

This project in important to me and my family because it lets my daughters see that the man sleepping on the street could just as easly be from any level of society. As alway chck back to this link and see the progress of the project and maybe get to know some of our exstended family. Until next time thank you and God bless.

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