Building Residual Income

It may be hard to read, but the top number is next months dividends from Landa. $16.51..

My first month started out with a dividen of $0.75. After adding money from each paycheck and reinvesting the Dividens, I am finally into double digets. Why is this segnifigant? Simple, this is money that is coming in even if I don’t go to work and the number is growing every week.

At first I had some problems with Landa, but they have been resolved. I invest $50.00 a paycheck in Landa, Fundrise, and Treasury Direct. What every is left over at the end of the week gets put into savings.

If you donot have liquid cash you are broke and I hate that. So a savings account is a must. Fundrise is the foundation of the Trust. I know that the withdrawl is only distributed from Fundrise every Quarter. So there are no liquid assets in Fundrise. However, the dividends can be put directly into the bank account of your choosing. So , he dividens get deposited into Landa to increase monthly income.

I took $600.00 out of Fundrise to put into Landa.
Over the course of 3 months, a $1.95 Dividen has become $17.66. No one can argue with this kind of result. Landa is great!

I use the dividen last month to buy plastic filliment for my 3D-Printer. The Febuary dividen and future dividens will just be reinvested. I invest $10.00 a week in both Fundrise and Landa. I also put $25.00 a week into Treasury Bonds. The income from both the Treasury Derect and Fundrise are automatcly deposited into Landa to build future income. This is the only way I can see to offset the evil that is a Democrat Administration. WE CAN SURVIVE Bidenflation! But we must do it internally.

I can now buy, save, spend, and share real GOLD digitally! You can install the Glint App here:

With Glint, I can use gold just like money, even at the checkout. It’s really easy and completely safe, and while I’m spending with my Glint card, the value of gold is increasing – not like regular money. It’s a no-brainer! You should definitely try this for yourself! This link doesn’t benefit us in any way except to break down to Federal Government by not paying taxes. Please join the revolution.

Investigation of January 6th, 2021. (MAGADAY)


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