The ATF Bans Brases, Discriminating against disabled Americans.

This divice was invented to help the disabled enjoy the sport of compation 3 gun shooting. But the criminal orginization that is famous for Waco and Rubbyridge and killing puppies for no clear reason, just made owning one illegal.

The YouTube Chanle called Forgotten Weapons did a comprehencive video about why Braces and SBR’s are illegal.

The Dictator Joe {Let’s Fuck Up America} Biden Lied to America Again!

Like all Democrats Biden and Garland don’t know how to tell the truth. But the idea of complying with the government and reportng what you are armed with is contrary to and in blatant violation of the 2nd Amenment.

Why Was Biden Solected?

It has become clear to most if not all Americans that Joe Biden was never fit to run a lemonaid stand much less a Supper Power.

So why out of the pool of retards that run on the Left in 2020 did the choose the one who was the least qualified?

I would love to read your thoughts on this question. email me your comment.

This is why we must protect the 2nd Amendment

I think I should remind you that Patriot Survival North West builds guns.

We Have A New Project!

But like with everything we do, this project has it’s challenges. Back pain stopped me in my tracks until I found the Back Pain Breackthrough. This project is meant to educate the viewer about diferent ways to build residual income. We are not talking about Muli-Level Marketing! But we are useing affiliate marketing as only…

This Is What Science Fiction is Made of.

What happens when the scientific community intentionally ignores the fact to push an agenda? What if the top scientific minds all agreed to tell the same story to hind the truth from the mass population? What if some of the population started to do their own research and the truth that the climate change advocates…

Для тех из вас, кто может это прочитать, настало время дать отпор правительству, которого никогда не было.

Here is a review of different investment platforms that l have tried over the years and what works. Because We Can’t Let Them Win.

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