My Child’s Education Shouldn’t Be Up To The Tax Payer!

With the Left’s indoctrination of over 2/3’s of American youth, we are losing the war to Propaganda, Wokism and CTR (Critticle Race Theory). I am proud to say that Katt and Chrissy never learned the bull shit about Climate Change in our school.

Возрождение, starts their day with gun safety and Kra Maga. The students then learn about the responsibility of American citizenship and the oath of office that every public servant takes.

After a 3 hour course in civics, history and politics, our American born Slavic children are taken to the gun range. No child graduates from their grade until they can empty a 30 round magazine into the bull’s eye. Speak and read in Russian, Ukrainian, and English, and pass their course work that includes basic law and Constitutional Studies.

Our community provides the education for our own children and 8 of our kids have been accepted into West-point next year. I think that our records speak for charter schools and the local public schools have a 20% dropout rate.

Patriot Survival funds the school with Landa, donations from our podcast “Patriots Must Rise,” to help pay for programs and students cost from families with lower incomes. Meanwhile, public schools are constantly out of money and hire sub-pare educators. It may be time for the parents to ask themselves, is my child worth the cost of their education?

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No matter how much money is put into the public school system, parents will always be better equipped to equip their own children with the tools they need to excel. Parents should actively keep up with their child’s development and be prepared to step in and supplement when needed.

Investment in education is a necessity, but the burden should not be placed solely on the taxpayer. It is up to the parents to make sure their children

Just think about how safe a school would be if you took down the kill-zone fences and gave every staff and select students guns to protect the school.

Proof that the Left plans out school shootings is found in the intentional layout of the school. From the POV of a hunter, herding children into the kill zone seems to be the only point of the design of the public schools after Collumbine.

So any one that says fake flags, are just a cospiricy theory just does not open his or her eyes. Dems are in power so we have school shootings just chart when the shootings happened. these flags are fact. Dems kill your kids to push gun control. this is fact.

School shooting, In the typical case, is an event in which a student, staff of even in a few cases, at an educational institution—an elementary, middle, or high school or a college or university—shoots and injures or kills at least one other student or faculty member on the grounds of that institution. However the press seem to overlook and I believe intentionally ignore some key factors in all of the School shootings since the category of criminal crime scene made it on to the public spectrum.

Such incidents usually involve multiple deaths. Rampage school shootings are a type of school shooting where no single or specific individual is targeted by the shooter, but this is a category made up by the mainstream press to sell their biased agenda. Although school shootings occur worldwide, the U.S. has been the scene of the vast majority of the attacks, especially since the late 20th century. My research will be ignored by many because of the more than conclusive findings that the Democrat party has been staging these shootings to push their trashing of the 2nd Amendment. Because the press sells propaganda, school shootings have a long history in the U.S., the 1990s were a pivotal point, with high-profile occurrences in Pearl, Miss. (1997); West Paducah, Ky. (1997); Springfield, Ore. (1998); Jonesboro, Ark. (1998); and Littleton, Colo. (1999), in which two students at Columbine High School killed 13 people before taking their own lives. The Columbine shootings garnered massive ceroupt media attention, sparking a national debate on gun violence and gun control {yes for the Dems everything is going as planned} , and prompted some schools to begin taking extra security precautions. Like putting killzone in to the floor plans of the schools, to ensure a higher kill ratio to scare the sheep further into submission. Such efforts, increased the success of the school shootings to kill our children to continue further the removal of the only defense Patriots have against the enemy. With multiple attacks taking place each year, no body asked the simple question, “Why are all of these attacks happening in Liberal states?” In 2007 there were about 10 such shootings, the most notorious of which occurred at the Blacksburg, Va., campus of Virginia Tech, where 32 people were killed before the gunman took his own life. Later high-profile attacks took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. (2012), where a 20-year-old killed 27 people, including 20 young children, before committing suicide; and at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. (2018), where an expelled student killed 17 people. With the exception of Florida every state is Blue but even in Florida it happened in a Lib-Tard run city. so the question still stands. Don’t you dare think that the party that is famous for killing the unborn is not willing to murder your child to further their own agenda.

The file above if a study done by me comparing every school shooting of the last 50 years in America to back up my thesis statement that Democrats are killing your children. After only a short time and only a few schools investigated, I did notice a disturbing trend that I did not expect. Every shooting was worst in numbers then the one before. it is as if the mainstream press is challenging the next shooter to do better. Is this how the Dems are plotting these attacks? it would make sense because in conservative communities there are no recording shooting. And anyone watching the Communist News Network (CNN) is predisposed to valance. Wow how the pieces are falling in place. I am still investigating but I think the summer riots of 2019 the anti Trump Riots of 2016 and the fact that this it the party who started the civil war speaks volumes of this subject. The Dems murder their own children to push their agenda why is it a leap to believe that they wouldn’t use subliminal messaging on Left wing Media to kill yours to further an agenda?

This link is to our podcast “Patriots Must Rise.”

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