Should I Run For Congress?

To begin there are many things that I believe need to change in Congress. For one thing Social Security should be optional. Why should anyone pay for anybody’s retirement other than yourself? Besides the Federal Government has proven long ago that they shouldn’t be in control of something as personal and important as an individual’s retirement!

Also a bill needs to be passed to permanently keep the 2nd Amendment off the chopping block and the ATF , FBI and DOJ need to be reigned in or permanently disbanded.

We need to hold our elected officials to their Oath of Office with a Quarterly report-card that grades them on their adherence to the constitution and how fiscally responsible they have been in the quarter. This grading would be nation wide soon someone in Montana could grade a Congressman from California and vice versa. A bad grade would get the official out of office instantly thus no need for term limits, because only the ones who belong there are staying. This would clean up Washington and keep back the Tyranny.

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We Have A New Team Member

Meet my oldest daughter Kattiana. She just turned 14 so it is time for her to go to work. She is going to be hosting our podcast, “Patriots Must Rise.”

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We Have A New Project!

But like with everything we do, this project has it’s challenges. Back pain stopped me in my tracks until I found the Back Pain Breackthrough. This project is meant to educate the viewer about diferent ways to build residual income. We are not talking about Muli-Level Marketing! But we are useing affiliate marketing as only…

This Is What Science Fiction is Made of.

What happens when the scientific community intentionally ignores the fact to push an agenda? What if the top scientific minds all agreed to tell the same story to hind the truth from the mass population? What if some of the population started to do their own research and the truth that the climate change advocates…

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