Are The Signs Really Out There?

Has Anything That Has Ever Been Said About Climate Change Been True?

We are all aware of the rhetoric the Left like to preach about protecting the planet. And who can forget about the spoiled Western European girl, Greta Thunberg, who scolded all of us on 09/19/2019 for not doing more to protect the planet?

You are stealing our future!

Thunberg cryed in front of the entire world.

She began skipping school on Fridays and traveling to Sweden’s Parliament, the Riksdag, where she handed out fliers informing adults, in crude language, that she was doing this because they were ruining her future. You have to feel for the overly indoctrinated children of Liberalism for the constant fear they are subject to from there scummy parents, who abouse their children by teaching fear and submission.

In the world that I grew up in, to submit to fear is to serenader your life. What kind of parents would encourage fear in their own child?

Life In A Liberal Run City looks like This:

You can’t walk down the sidewalk without stepping on needles and broken glass or in human feces. But Socialism Works?

When are we going to tell these freeloaders to get off their ass and get a job?

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The Truth About Reparations:

The Progressive Left claims that the descendants of curtain groups should be aloud to steal from from descendants of the groups oppressors. I have had people tell me that I shouldn’t break the concept of Reparations in this manner because it makes it sound bad. Well, I fail to see any other way to explain such an stupefied idea, that is so clearly just meant to sew division among the commoners.


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