We Have A New Project!

A man looking through the scope of his riffle

But like with everything we do, this project has it’s challenges.

Back pain stopped me in my tracks until I found the Back Pain Breackthrough.

This project is meant to educate the viewer about diferent ways to build residual income. We are not talking about Muli-Level Marketing! But we are useing affiliate marketing as only part of our income stream.

But lets get started with our foundation income generator.

Let me tell you about Landa.

Landa is a real-estate investment app. This is a model that lets you choose your investments and pays you a percentage of the rent collected every month.

It is important that the members of the Resistance are financially Independent of a job that pins you down to one spot. So passive residual income is ideal for our people.

Landa, gives you sets of information to help you determine if the investment is the right choice for you.

We build a foundation for our portfolio’s with each paycheck. Look for the lowest price with the highest dividend.This is being called the cost to income ratio.


The important information is held back for our subscribers.


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