America Can’t Afford Another four Years of Biden-Enomics!

This 19 minute tour of Portland video should contradict Joe Biden’s claim that his economy is strong.

Joe Biden wants to run for another four years, because he is not done with his plan to destroy America.

Biden says that he reduced the national debt but a simple Google search says that our National debt is higher than it has been in American history. But here is the truth, I know a Libtard would reject what I say so I will use screenshots of Google.

I am not in favor of Biden and I don’t trust Woke Google so let’s see what Duck Duck Go has to say. About this. It would tear my heart out to say anything good about a Democrat but I deal in facts.

DuckDuckGo confirmed that Biden was telling the truth. But money doesn’t grow on trees, So where did he get the money?

Even CNN is admitting that Biden’s claim is not possible. Unless he did the one thing that every president since FDR has refused to do.

Could Joe Biden who stole his way into office put the Lower 48 up as collateral so China would forgive the debt? I would not put it past him! But this would have had to have been a back room deal that would be extremely hard to prove ever happened.

Biden sold publicly owned land to reduce the debt.

I learned that Biden sold BLM land out from under the tax payer to pay part of our nation’s debt. To be honest I would have done the same thing. What I hate is the fact that a Democrat thought of it.

DAMN IT! But what this means is that China owns the flyover stats and America can’t complain about it, or can we? Even America only has a finite amount of land and we can’t afford for an enemy to buy our country out from under us. So Joe we can’t have you in office ever again. But Biden also over stepped his authority by leasing land and mineral rights off the Gulf Coast.

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