We Are Undergoing A New Gun Build.

When Joe Biden decided to declare war on Patriots and any means we may have. We had to start thinking outside the box. I personally love to create guns that are intended to be illegal in the eyes of a Democrat. So we started teaching Patriots how to fight!

This new build will be full auto. It will be chambered in 5.56 and have a AK style folding stock. The upper will be the most expensive assembly group. We will be chambering the next generation in Grendel.

The upper will be a BRN-180 with a 20″ barrel assembly and a 7″ barrel assembly that can be switched out with a simple twist. This system will run about $3000.00 just for the upper.

The stock will hold a second magazine. Both the lower and the stock will read in Russian “MY FREEDOM, FOR YOUR LIFE!” The lower will be 3D printed Titanium. Nothing in this gun will set off a metal detector. The springs are replaced with hydraulic cylinders.

We do our own background checks on anyone buying. We do not sell to anyone with a history of affiliation to the Democrat party. We go back 200 years into your family history. This is not racist it is just not arming the Enemy. We reserved the right to refuse service to all baby murdering, virtue signaling scum. If you every defended lockdowns in your social media don’t waist our time contacting us.

please note: All transactions are final and we don’t do credit. We don’t accept Fiat currency of any kind. We do accept gold, silver, and BTC.

we are only budgeting for 5 of these zombie exterminators so act fast. Happy hunting.

To contact us go to anatolieanatoliciva@patriotsurvivalnw.com

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